Dear World Why

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 Dear W.⠀

A guy told me today: Woman and man are like lock and key. A good key can open all locks, a bad lock can be opened even by bad keys.⠀

PS. I kneed him in his groin.⠀
PPS. I didn’t. But I did give him a lecture. Loud and long. ⠀

Dear W.⠀

Today a friend told me about a „gender reveal party“. In a big, cheesy surprise show, the baby’s sex will be announced to the new parents and their guests. I mean … are people insane? They organize a surprise show to reveal their childs gender? Really???⠀ 

P.S. I already thought that „babyshowers“ were exaggerated. But this gender-reveal thing beats everything.⠀

Dear W.

Here in NYC, they say cats have nine lives. Where I’m from, they say cats have seven lives. In any case—hy do we only get one? Not fair!⠀

PS. Wait that makes YOLNL/YOLSL the feline equivalent of YOLO? (Sounds corny. Perhaps that’s the reason we only live once.) ⠀

Dear W.⠀ ⠀

My smartphone and I are in an unhealthy relationship. It knows my secrets and has my contacts, pictures, and memories. And when we lose each other only one of us is sad: Me.⠀ ⠀

P.S. Should I break up?⠀